Welcome to A. Uzzo & Company

A. Uzzo & Company provides accounting, tax and advisory services to a multitude of clients and industries. At our firm, we are CPAs with a business consulting conscience. Not only do we provide excellent accounting and tax services, we keep a watchful eye on the health and bottom line of your business.

Listen, Anticipate, React

This is our firm mantra. Our ability to LISTEN to what are clients are saying has been key to our success as a firm. We’ve built our reputation based on our firm’s ability to listen, anticipate and react to our client’s needs. Our expertise in many financial, tax and consulting areas has given us the opportunity to work with clients across a wide array of industries.

Service and Industry

We assist individuals and businesses through our many financial and tax related services. We’ve applied these services across many industries, business and individual demographics with constant and focused attention.

Let’s Grow Together

There is nothing more satisfying to our firm then being part of the success of our clients. We work closely together with clients to produce timely financial information that can be analyzed and used in the business decision process. This hands on team approach has made our firm an integral part of many client businesses.

A. Uzzo & Company Leadership

Our talented groups of professionals have years of experience in financial, tax and consulting areas and have given us the opportunity to work with clients in a vast array of industries. Being part of and contributing to their success is our reward.